The EASIEST Way to Clean Your Lace

Hey, my 7 Fourteen Ten Dolls!

We are back with some much-needed information. Have you ever taken off your frontal or closure and had to deal with glue/ adhesive stuck to the lace in a way that seems damn near impossible to remove? Well, I’m here to show you exactly how to remove any built up glue and or gel that has proven to be too stubborn to come off with just regular old shampoo.

First things first; you’re going to need some tools to successfully refresh your lace.

You’re going to need:

  • Clean sock

  • A bottle of Alcohol

  • A spray bottle

So let’s get right into it.

SO the first thing you want to do is put the clean sock on your hand and spray it with some rubbing alcohol. After it has been saturated gently rub your lace unit in an up and down motion wherever there is adhesive build up.

Tip: make sure to use a sock or cloth, as to reduce the possibility of having tissue residue stuck in your lace, it is not a cute look, trust me.

After about 4 minutes the alcohol should have broken down the adhesive and it will simply rub away cleanly from your lace.

Steps to washing your lace

  • Comb out all tangles from the tips to the ends of the hair.

  • Fill a sink half full of cool water, and add a cup full of shampoo to the water.

  • Soak lace closure or lace frontal into the water for a few minutes.

  • Gently move it around in the water, and then lift it up.

  • Rinse all of the shampoo out of it.

  • Fill another sink half full of water, add a cap full of conditioner to cool water and mix the conditioner in the water.

  • Soak the lace closure into the water and let it sit.

Tip: Typically, you’ll need to let curly and wavy lace closures sit a little longer than straight closures.

  • Gently move the lace closure in and out of the cool water.

  • Remove it from the sink.

  • Place it on a flat towel, fold part of the towel over the lace closure and gently pat the closure dry.

  • Let the lace closure air dry

And that’s it! Super easy and fast. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried this method leave a comment below and let us know what your thoughts are or if you have another method of removing any type of adhesive from your lace share it with your fellow Dolls below!

Until next week, stay gorgeous!

Now that you have removed the adhesive its time to wash away the dirt and grime that comes with the territory of rocking a unit for weeks at a time.

Washing you lace is pretty simple.

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