My First Weave!

We all know our first weave is a glow up from then to now. Let’s be for real, it was cute, but if I knew what I know now, CHILEEEE… My hair is thick and has a mind of its own! Needless to say, this is when I learned to tame my mane. Back then my older cousin was my kitchen beautician. I looked up to her because she could do a mean French roll, tuck, and finger waves. (I literally want finger waves now). Yep, I know! I love the 90’s! I would get HELLA compliments on my hair because of her. It was my 8th grade dance and I was so hype about finally being able to get a weave. We looked at tons and tons of black hair magazines to find the perfect look. Finally we stumbled over a picture of singer, Monica.

It was freeze curls and a layered flip in the back. (Smack Lips). This hair style was EVERYTHING! My cousin is very edgy, so she said let’s add some weave to your hair with a little bit of blonde. I instantly started doing the cabbage patch. We waited until my grandmother dozed off. She’s a very southern and classy woman, therefore freeze curls and blonde hair was not what she would’ve agreed on. My cousin took the car keys and we headed up the street to the nearest beauty supply store. OMG! I was in the front seat dancing and rapping “Back Dat Azz Up” by Juvenile and loving every minute of it. We get to the store and little ole timid me stood behind my cousin overly excited trying to play it cool. We get to the weave section and I pick up a very white blonde. My cousin says, “Put that porn star blonde down”, you know grandma ain’t letting it happen. She then picks up a honey blonde and says this goes perfect with your skin tone. I then grabbed a bottle of wet n wild nail polish with a small shimmer j.a.n.e. eye shadow. We raced home to hid the hair before my grandmother woke up from her nap. Of course she was awake waiting at the door for us like we stole her car to ride to the club in. LOL. It’s Friday night and the 8th grade dance is at 8 p.m. I was soooo ready. Of course the weather owned the night. It was raining so badly. It put a damper on my hair plans. After sitting there for hours getting my hair done I was finally ready to go. I came out of the room and my grandmother couldn’t believe I added weave to my hair without her consent.

Surprisingly, she loved it! I literally went outside with a plastic bag, beach umbrella, (oversized umbrella) and a prayer. My hair was dry when I got to the dance. However the freeze curls were flat. I was so annoyed and upset. I found one of my teachers who use to be a beautician and she helped me get my hair back right. I ran out of the bathroom hoping I didn’t miss dancing with my friends. My hair was poppn! I had streaks of honey blonde weave in my freeze curls and layered flip. My hair was bouncing all over the dance. If you didn’t tell me I was cute, I probably stopped talking to you for a few days. HAHA All in all, your first weave should be cute and trendy. You can do whatever you want with weave!

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