Do's And Don'ts For Protective Styling

Before we get into the do's and don'ts, let's break down what a protective style actually is...

A protective style is a low maintenance hairstyle that keeps your hair 'protected' from constant manipulation or anything that can be damaging such as heat etc. Protecting your hair is beneficial for healthy, strong hair and can also ensure length retention.

So, now we've got that out of the way, lets get into the Do's and Don'ts.....

Do protect the ends of your hair

As the ends of your hair are the oldest, they require the most TLC. By wearing a protective style you not only keep your ends protected but also reduce the chances of breakage, if done right.

Don't neglect your hair

A common misconception with protective styles is that once you have it in you don't have to do anything to your hair, this couldn't be far from the truth. Although protective styles are low maintenance you should still be looking after your hair. It's important to wash your hair weekly and moisturise daily. This will ensure you get the best results out of your protective style.

Do change it up Its important to have a variety of protective styles you can switch between. For example, if I wore braids constantly back to back it would cause a lot of stress to my hair. So I switch between buns, weaves and braids to give my hair hair a little rest.

Do keep your protective style between 4-6 weeks The best way to grow healthy long locs is to stick to protective styles that help you retain length and allow you to moisturise and seal your hair on a regular basis. By keeping your protective style in for a good amount of time you stand a better chance of growing the length you desire. Don't ignore warning signs You know what they are! You've been getting headaches or bumps because your hair is too tight. Your body always gives you signs when something is wrong and your hair and scalp are no different. Make sure when you get any of these signs you act on them before they cause any permanent damage. A protective style is meant to aid you on your hair journey NOT set you back.

Do choose the best style for you Protective styles don't have to be boring, versatility is key! Explore new hairstyles and see what work best for you. The options are limitless!

Sleeping with a silk bonnet is important even when you're wearing a protective style. Not only will it retain moisture but it'll also keep your protective style looking fresh for longer.

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