Quick Weave, What It Is, How To Do it, And How To Make It Look Good!

The idea of a quickweave sounds pretty tempting does't it? For weave lovers we know how long the regualr process can take. Not only do you have to get your hair braided down. But after you have to wait for hours for the layers of weave to be installed.

After that its time to cut and style lol by the time you leave the salon chair your butt is numb. Though sew ins can and will last a long time. Sometimes you dont have the time to devote to sitting for hours and hours.

Whats A Quick Weave?

Don't know what a quick weave is? Its ok most be don't either. The team at 7 Fourteen Ten to the rescue. A quick weave is a hairstyle in which hair extensions are bonded to your own hair. There are 2 ways you can do it.

1. With a protective cap (also know as stocking cap weaves)

2. With a liquid gel formula that dries and hardens over your hair it acts like a barrier

In both of these options the hair is flatten to the head as much as possible.

How Long Does A Quickweave Last?

Typically a quickweave last up to 4 weeks maybe longer with proper care. Some people say a quickweave can last 2 months but you must think about your hair underneath.

Quick Weave Tips...

1. Mold the hair down with plenty of gel (sit under the dryer for best results)

2. Use hairspray to make sure the foundation is solid

3. Place your protective cap on (wig cap on)

4. Place tracks along the base of the cap (perimter of head)

5. Continue process around the entire head

6. Cut hair

7. Style hair as desired

XOXO Kisha!

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