Are You Keeping Up With 7 Fourteen Ten?

Here at 7 Fourteen Ten, we’re constantly thinking of new and exciting ways to make your hair extension journey as easy and enjoyable as possible. But where can you go to keep track of all the new goodies that we have to offer? Today, we’re featuring our most regularly updated pages and platforms, so you’ll never again have to worry about missing out on any Babe things!

What’s New

Our “Events” page is basically a bulletin board of updates featuring everything from 7 Fourteen Ten Hair, Mink Lashes, and Online Education. Check in monthly to find new product launch details, portal links, and sale info!


The “Promotions” page on the 7 Fourteen Ten website is specifically dedicated to our bi-monthly distributor promotions. Updated every other month, our promotions include both 7 Fourteen Ten Hair and Lashes deals that last a whopping 2-months each!

Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter

Keep up with 7 Fourteen Ten on the social media platform of your choice! We post show reminders, behind-the-scenes photos, and challenges on the regular, so you’ll get to see exclusive content and interact with other 7 Fourteen Ten beauties! Be sure to follow our pages so that you never miss a single update.


We’ve dedicated a whole blog post to our lovely YouTube channel, talking about how it’s the easiest way to brush up on your hair extension technique. It’s also a pretty great way to stay on top of7 Fourteen Ten’s new product offerings and methods, as it’ll give you more specific information (and simple demonstrations!) so you can master the new material sooner.

That’s right—if you’re really serious about keeping up with everything 7 14 10, then you’re in exactly the right place! We like to fill our blog with all the insider tips, tricks, and insights you need to have the best hair extension practice possible! Plus, it’s updated weekly, so you can stay 100% current. If you’re not already subscribed to our blog emails, make sure to sign up on the top left of this page so you can get each weekly blog post delivered directly to your inbox!

Do you have a question or suggestion that you’d like to have featured in a future blog post? Reply to the email so we can address it in our content!

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