10 Blonde Hair Care Tips

Bleaching and color treating hair takes a lot of moisture out of your hair, which can create dryness, split ends and shedding. Maintaining healthy, shiny tresses without damage can be a challenge, so if you're planning on chemically processing the hair, be prepared to take care of it!

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Here are 10 ways to keep those lightened strands looking fabulous:

  1. Before a color appointment, do not wash your own hair! - This will cause scalp irritation when bleach is applied. The natural oils on your scalp protect you from the bleach, so the more grease and oil on there, the better. Seal your hair with a small amount of your favorite oil before salon appointment.

  2. Trim or shear your ends with a razor- After lightning, the ends of hair can become damaged which produces split ends. Just like your natural hair, the longer you hold on to split ends, the further the split will travel up the hair shaft and create thinning/breakage (which looks like shedding) and tangling. A quick trim or razor thinning (for a more natural look) will make it easier to drag a comb or a brush through the hair, it helps to retain length and extend the life of your extensions.

  3. Get a purple tinted shampoo- The wrong type of shampoo can be loaded with sulfates that can strip the hair. Purple shampoos keep your hair color from turning brassy, which can happen when using shampoos that are not formulated for blonde or chemically treated hair. *Use color specific shampoos and conditioners.

  4. Dry Shampoo- Washing your hair daily will slowly strip the moisture and dull the color, instead use a dry shampoo between washes to keep the color vibrant and reduce the oil build up.

  5. Use a keratin oil spray- This stuff is amazing at keeping the cuticle thick and protected, lightened tresses tend to be thin and vulnerable to damage. Use keratin spray on damp hair to coat and protect hair throughout the day

  6. Deep condition hair weekly for intense moisturizing- choose an intensive hair mask or treatment to redeposit moisture into the hair.

  7. Air Dry- Lightened hair tends to be drier, heat styling can seriously fry the hair thus creating dryness and breakage. If possible, air-dry the hair or roller/Flexi rod set overnight to reduce heat damage. If you must use heat, blow dry on the cool setting and apply a heat protector for curling and flat ironing.

  8. Before going to bed, apply oil (argan, coconut, almond oil etc..) to hair to moisturize and seal cuticles overnight. * For curlier textures that are prone to frizz, apply oil and wear a shower cap on the hair overnight to simplify your morning routine, deeply moisturize and define curls, The results are amazing!

  9. Apply a shine or leave in conditioning spray to make your color look more vibrant, the more light that bounces off the hair, the more bright and vivid your color will look. * you can also apply hair sunblock to protect tresses from sun damage.

  10. Ditch the towel- Use a t-shirt to dry your hair after washing. Towels create friction which causes frizz and unnecessary dryness, but soft cotton fibers will keep cuticles smooth resulting in shinier hair.

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