Why Should I Seal My Knots?

Why should I seal my knots?

Sealed knots on a wig, frontal, or closure unit ensures that your lace unit will be stronger and withstand daily manipulation. Tools such as brushes and combs loosen the knots and create shedding which leads to lace balding. It's important to seal your knots, this technique is a very easy and effective process and extends the life of your unit. How do I seal My knots?

To seal, use a sealer such as TDi Knot Sealer

TDI Knot Sealer:

Step 1: Turn your wig inside out so the lace is fully visible. In a well-ventilated area, spray the sealant on the cap enough to lightly saturate the cap but not soak through to the hair.

Step 2: Allow to dry and then repeat for a second layer. After the second application, a 24 hour waiting period is best but NOT required. *For a quick seal, you can apply an extra hold hairspray. Following the same process, apply one coat, allow to dry and repeat. Instead of waiting for 24 hours, apply 3-4 layers quickly. If you remain careful as to not brush too much, this should last until you have the time to properly seal.

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