90-day boot camp

I only want successful hard working women in my circle. I want everyone to be able to succeed, grow, & accomplish their dreams. This boot camp will include so much! I’m going to teach 3 girl bosses how to go out and make it happen for themselves. In this world, you have to share all your gems. I’ve been personally building brands since 2010 with 7 years of experience & knowledge I have so much to share. This will be a 90-day commitment to get on the right track to success by the 3rd quarter. By the end of the 90 days I want all my girls using what I’ve taught them to build long lasting brands. The below information is what I will be sharing over this 90-day period.

Circle of Millionaires

  • Branding 101 “How to bring the table to the table”
  • Social media “Instagram like a BOSS”
  • How to turn likes into sales “
  • Product feedback
  • Email marketing
  • Brand audit
  • How to scale up
  • 3 webinars
  • 3 101 calls
  • How to write goals you can achieve
  • Vision boards & affirmations
  • E Book
  • 1 follow up call to check on your progress
  • Completion certificate “The ball is in your court & now it’s time to dribble.

Final balance of $200 due 2 days before class starts

*Non Refundable*

90 Day Boot Camp Deposit